Call for Contributions

To begin, we invite contributions that tackle issues on money and blockchain technology past, present, and future. To make the debate accessible for readers with different backgrounds, we propose that initial contributors address one or more of the following:

  • What is the difference between cryptocurrencies and money as we know it?
  • How is money created in a cryptocurrency system?
  • Are cryptocurrencies more or less self-sustaining than conventional forms of money?


    Submission Form

    • Format: Word document
    • Length: 800–1,200 words
    • Sourcing Information: Hyperlinks. Footnotes if the source is not available online or if there is a brief essential aside from the author, but their use should be minimal and avoided if possible.
    • Title: Title of piece.
    • Name: The exact spelling of how you would like your name to be presented in the byline.
    • Summary: 1-2 sentence summary of the piece.
    • Bio: A 1-2 line biographical line about you, containing your educational background and any professional experience that may be relevant to the piece or convey your credibility and expertise in the specific topic of your blog post.
    • Photo (optional): A link to a preferred high quality photo to accompany your piece with a short suggested caption. This must be licensed for commercial reuse with or without attribution.
    • Links (optional): Your twitter handle, Facebook, blog site, etc.

    Please send your submission to: jtl.bulletin[at]