This blog has been created to offer a forum for lawyers, economists, technologists, financiers, and others, to engage in a constructive debate about the future of money in light of blockchain and other technological changes that have potentially transformative effects.

Since the proliferation of Bitcoin, hundreds of other cryptocurrencies have been released.  The rise of decentralized technologies, such as blockchain, gives technologists the opportunity to redesign money through computer code rather than legal and financial codes.  This technological change has transnational effects. At the heart of the cryptocurrency revolution is the question: what is money?  Is money the product of States and State-made law or does it result from a bottom-up transnational market process of trial and error that produces a common means of exchange? These questions are not new; they have been debated for centuries. What is new, is the rise of technology that offers the promise of coding money in digits rather than in public or private law, and the promise to scale these money systems beyond the reach of States.