Wolfgang Friedmann Memorial Award

The Wolfgang Friedmann Memorial Award is presented annually by the Columbia Journal of Transnational Law to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the field of international law.  The award is given in memory of the Journal’s founder, Professor Wolfgang G. Friedmann.  A jurist, teacher, scholar and humanist, Professor Friedmann was respected around the world for his extraordinary commitment to the practical realization of an international rule of law.  He was a relentless advocate for a world order based on mutual respect among nations.  In addition to Professor Friedmann’s prolific academic contributions, it is his courageous condemnation of the unconscionable use of force during the early years of Nazi Germany that most vividly illustrates the strength of his moral conviction and compassion. He was an invaluable member of the Columbia Law School community.

Information on the 2019 Friedmann Award can be found here.