Symposia are academic conferences that bring together experts in a given area to explore recent developments in their field—for example, the law of armed conflict addressed in From Gettysburg to Guantanamo. Academic journals often publish many of the prepared remarks and panel discussions to ensure dissemination to a wider audience.

2013 marked a special year for the Columbia international law community: it was the sesquicentennial – or 150th – anniversary of the Lieber Code, the set of instructions signed by President Lincoln, and named after a Columbia Professor, Francis Lieber, that regulated U.S. soldiers’ conduct during wartime. To celebrate, the Journal, along with the Columbia Law School Human Rights Institute and the Roger Hertog Program on Law and National Security, assembled key scholars and practitioners in the field of international humanitarian law a conference on the Lieber Code. Remarks from the Conference will be published in both Volume 53 of the Journal and in the Bulletin. More information on the conference can be found here.